Winter Olympics Who Cares

Did the Winter Olympics start? Are the Winter Olympics over? Now I know that is a bit much but to be quite honest I really had very little interest in watching the Winter Olympics this year. They were actually quite boring.

Having the Winter Olympics half way around the world, and not having live events to watch during “Prime Time” television maybe the main reason for my distaste of the Olympics this year.

Here are some other reasons for disliking the Olympics. Events that are put in the hands of judges to score and determines a winner really puts a bad taste in my mouth. How many times do we see some athlete getting “screwed over” by some judge and costing them a medal. Judged events are not very exciting. Another reason not to watch is, most events in the Winter Olympics are extremely boring to watch on television, ie cross country skiing, luge, ski jumping, curling, half pipe snowboarding and dare I say figure skating.

Great job to all the athletes who participate and they certainly are the best in the world, but the Olympics are super boring.

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2 thoughts on “Winter Olympics Who Cares”

  1. The Olympics are the most exciting event in the world.
    You say ‘super boring’!
    Well free speech certainly doesn’t = equal intelligent speech You pretty much indicated to me that your blog will be one I will not want to visit again.
    much of your comments look like ‘lazy’ thinking , ( don’t like the ‘judged’ events bud , then get creative , the biatholon is maybe the most exciting fascinating sport) . Oh you say cross country skiing is boring …. ‘well there are none so blind as those who will not see…

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