Why did God invent Snow?

I know I live in northern Minnesota. I know northern Minnesota gets tons of snow every year. I know there are lots of fun winter activities to participate in. But I still don’t like snow and if I didn’t ever see snow again, I would not be sad.

I have never had the opportunity to live somewhere that did not get snow and as winter is quickly approaching Duluth, Minnesota I sit and wonder what it would be like to never see snow again?

I picture myself in shorts and t-shirts everyday. I picture myself going to the beach year round, and I picture myself never having to warm up my car before I have to go somewhere. I believe this out ways any winter sport one could participate in. Now don’t get me wrong, winter activities like snowmobiling and down hill skiing are fun, but if I never had to be cold again to the point of freezing, I would be okay with that. One season is the way to go.

Maybe if I owned a snow blower my opinion would change? As the “young buck” that I am, I am the proud owner of a shovel. Yes that shovel and I have been through many cold blistering mornings so I may get to work. I would gladly give up back pain if I could after shoveling 12 inches of snow. I would happily put that shovel in storage for eternity if I could.

Maybe if I didn’t have this golf obsession right now I would like snow? Having played more rounds of golf this summer than ever before, I am figuring out a way to get a southern vacation in this winter. I would gladly invest in some golf equipment over investing in snow removal equipment any day.

Maybe if I had moved out of Minnesota I would like snow? I’ve met many individuals who make the move to the southern United States and report the changing of seasons was deeply missed. Until I experience this for myself, I say you people are full of it.

Unfortunately for me I will experience another winter in Duluth, Minnesota this year. It will be my 32 winter I get to experience in my life and hopefully at some point in my life, snow and snow removal will not be in my future.

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Eddie Bashaw

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6 thoughts on “Why did God invent Snow?”

  1. Moved to Florida 11 yrs ago for all the reasons you list, especially the golf. I have played 1 round of golf in the last 5 yrs (too damn hot in the summer & too expensive in the winter, thank you snowbirds. Like MN, we only have so many months a year that are tolerable but I would still do it all over again. But there is nothing here that compares to Fall in MN.

  2. This is my first visit to your site, Eddie, & I see you are an intelligent man! Snow, cold, & winter are completely unnecessary..ah, but so is golf. We need none of that. Sunshine, temps around 75 – 80 are all it would take. We should be able to go outside our doors without jackets, gloves, boots, hats, freezing cold cars with square tires! This is my 66th winter in Duluth & I see no escape. We’re stuck here, Eddie. Face up to that. It’s our parents’ fault; they caused us to be born & raised here. Winter–bah, humbug. Oh, by the way, have a
    HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone! Here’s to turkey dinner!

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