Why Are We Voting?

It seems very odd Bill Gronseth, Superintendent of Duluth Public Schools, would have the citizens of Duluth vote on a levy that will not affect property taxes. How come this levy isn’t just put into effect by the school board and Mr. Gronseth? I think it should without a vote, but I will be voting yes on this levy and I hope you will too.

If this levy does not pass, the students in this city will again suffer. This money is needed to keep improving the quality of education these student receive. Just like any other service, we always want them to keep improving. Improvement costs money, and in this case it won’t cost the tax payers money.

I know people are still mad about the Red Plan but this levy will NOT increase property taxes. Please vote yes with me for this levy for the children of Duluth schools.

What about the other levy on the ballot that will increase property taxes? As a father of three who is a strong supporter of public education, I will also be voting yes to this levy as well. I am happy to have my tax dollars increase for better public education which I believe improves the quality of this city. I know tax increases are never popular but in this situation I believe they are necessary. I hope you will be voting yes with me on both levies this November.

Published by

Eddie Bashaw

Living in Duluth, Minnesota and I love writing about it.