Who’s Excited for Matt Cassel?

Well the news is official. News that I was dreading to hear and news that does not get me excited in the least. Matt Cassel is the starting quarterback on Sunday against the Steelers in London.

Maybe I need to clarify. For people who don’t know me I am a huge Vikings fan and have been for life. I unfortunately was not around to see the Vikings make 4 trips to the Superbowl but since I was young enough to remember I have been waiting for that day again. I thought we were there in 1998 and again in 2009 but we all know how that ended. Another thing I have been waiting for is the Vikings to draft a franchise quarterback.

The Vikings in my life time have drafted one quarterback to call a franchise quarterback, Christian Ponder. He didn’t work. He is not good. I get it, but now we are paying him to sit on the bench in a season that in all reality is over. No keep him playing. The Vikings are not going to the playoffs. The Vikings are not going to the Superbowl. I hate to say this, in week 4, but we need draft position. We need Ponder to finish this thing that the Vikings organization gave him. We drafted him twelve overall, he should be our guy this year. We have to absolutely sure before next year.

Cassel will win more games than Ponder, but who wants Cassel to be the starting QB next season? NOT ME!!!

Either way the Vikings upper management will have to make a permanent solution for the quarterback situation this off season (I can’t believe I’m already talking about next season).

The best thing to see this season is watching the Vikings beat the Packers, twice!!

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  1. While it may make sense to give Ponder more reps, given the season is lost, my bet is the Vikes have taken enormous heat from everyone (except the shill Sid Hartman), and were forced to make the change.

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