Where’s My Remote Car Starter?

The temperatures are dropping in Duluth and when the temps drop it’s time to warm up the car before you embark on your adventure. Unfortunately if you don’t have a remote car starter it is illegal to let your car warm up. Cars sometimes end up stolen when people decide to warm up their cars with the keys in them.

I will admit, I am guilty of letting my car warm up even though my car does not have a remote car starter. I just can’t and I do mean can’t go out into my car in the freezing cold and drive to my destination in a freezing cold car. Typically travel time in Duluth isn’t that great. One can get to wherever they want to go in a short period of time. This just doesn’t allow enough time to have your car warm up and provide you with any heat while driving without a proper warm up. The trade off is I have to walk out to the car in the freezing cold to start my car, come back into my house and wait. Well I guess to save a few bucks right now that I don’t have I will make the cold trip to warm up my car.

It has already been discussed in my house hold, the next car we own will have a remote car starter. We have lived long enough without one, and it is about darn time to get one. I can not live in Duluth, MN any longer without a remote car starter.

Boy do I hate winter.

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4 thoughts on “Where’s My Remote Car Starter?”

  1. I’m telling you, man! Ride a bike! No windows to scrape, no engine to warm up, no defrosters to worry about, no heat problems. You said it yourself, most of the trips you do are short. It only takes me 5 more minutes or so on average to get to work by bike than by car. On the days that I have chosen my car to go to work I’ve been way colder than had I been on my bike as my car doesn’t warm up in that short of a drive. I warm up nicely within a block or so while biking. I get some exercise in on the day, my blood is flowing, my mind is clear… yeah.. it’s a good thing! No frustrations with my car to worry about Now, as you know me, Eddie. This post is in jest, but speaks some truth I know biking isn’t for everyone, but give it a shot, dude! Plus, within a short amount of time you could put that gas money away for a nice driver or something.


  2. My wife has a vary good remote car starter. She just says honey go start the car. And the remot starter runs rite out and does it. She loves the darn thing. I always start!

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