Vikings Week 4 in the UK

I watched every play yesterday and like I’ve said before Matt Cassel is definitely better than Christian Ponder, but certainly not by leaps and bounds. I don’t pretend to be a great NFL play calling mind, but there was definitely a difference. I watched Cassel drop back and throw the deep ball (which would have been intercepted if Patterson didn’t make a great defensive play). You can’t tell me Ponder can’t do that. I also didn’t see Cassel do any play action, then roll to his left. Play calling was different yesterday. It shouldn’t be different with Ponder or Cassel at quarterback.

As it appears and everyone is speculating, but Matt Cassel will be the starter for the rest of the year. I have no problem with this, but what I do have a problem with is if the Vikings organization does not address the quarterback issue this off season. But the quarterback is not the only issue with this team.

The Vikings defense has some serious problems and the tackling yesterday was not good. The defensive secondary is still suspect and I believe Chris Cook needs to go. (I know he didn’t play yesterday.) I never thought I would say this after the success of Blair Walsh, but getting rid of Chris Kluwe was in my mind a mistake. I know the Vikings are paying less for a rookie punter, but these 4 games are a good example that field position and special teams are important.

One big piece of the equation I have left out is the current players on the team now. These players are playing for their contracts and their futures. The players want to win and I want to see the team win too. But once again, Ponder is not our quarterback for the future. I hope to see the Vikings win a lot more games this year with Cassel, but please Vikings organization give the fans some hope as you build a new stadium, and get the fans a franchise quarterback.

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  1. The Vikings came bloody close to allowing a late game score and OT. They take a lead and don’t seem to want to hold it. Ironically, L.C. Greenwood died yesterday, which is a metaphor for the Steelers’ DL.

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