Update: Harlem Shake

It is interesting when I talk to people about my newest viral video craze how many people have heard about the Harlem Shake and how many people have not heard about the Harlem Shake. It is even more fun to see more and more videos coming out such as the newest big hit. The Miami Heat have produced a video and over 20 million people have watched it. I must say I do love the video and think it was very well done. I can’t wait to see what other teams or big names will produce a Harlem Shake video.

Another part of this new viral craze I love is talking with people about it. As mentioned earlier, some love it, some hate it and some have never seen it. With my good negotiating skills, I have been able to coral some to jump on board and love the Harlem Shake.

The possibilities of where the Harlem Shake will go are fun for me to think about.

Enjoy the Miami Heat Harlem Shake video I have included.

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