Too Many Terrible Streets in Duluth

Why is it every time I drive somewhere I worry if my car will hold up? Probably because every road in Duluth I drive on, has so many pot holes it is a miracle my car survives. Duluth streets just keep getting worse and worse. I am so sick and tired of wondering when I do happen to hit that pot hole, will my tire pop? Will something happen to my car that will need a repair? I don’t have extra money to spend on my vehicle because the roads are so terrible.

I know each year during construction season there are lots of road repairs taking place but I just don’t see the results. The number of pot holes one must alertly avoid is ridiculous. I really don’t want to have any more car repairs because the damage was done by the pot holes of Duluth roads.

I am not a wreckless driver. I use caution while driving, but it is almost impossible to avoid every pot hole while driving and my car is taking the punishment.

I don’t pretend to be a great mind in the area of how to fix the roads, but certainly more is necessary. Let’s not waste our resources by sending the tar shovel crews out to fill the pot holes with some tar and a shovel. Please fix the problem right the first time. People will drive in this city without worrisome thoughts about damage to their cars because of pot holes.

Do people relate to this or am I just way off base? Thanks for your reading and your thoughts. I hope your car survives this winter.

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Eddie Bashaw

Living in Duluth, Minnesota and I love writing about it.

2 thoughts on “Too Many Terrible Streets in Duluth”

  1. I think the streets would be better if they were all gravel. Then they could at least run a grader down them. The only streets that are in even fair shape are the ones the tourists use.

  2. You’re not way off base at all. Even 21st Ave E, which was given an overlay last summer, is showing signs of cracking already. The repairs that they do just don’t hold up because everything is a band-aid. It is ridiculous and I have the same concerns about my vehicles, and I’m afraid now with the street repair fund gone (city’s take from the casino), even less will be done.

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