They Are Replacements People

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It seems to be what everyone is talking about, everyone is giving an opinion on the issue and after watching the replacement referees poorly handle the end of the Vikings and 49ers it is time to weigh in on this issue of replacement referees in the NFL.

We all know they are bad officials, we all know their bad calls are numerous, and we all know people are blaming them for failure. However, I don’t blame the replacement referees for anything. Because they are REPLACEMENTS. It is not their regular job, it is not what they do year in and year out and how can we expect them to be any better than they are? You can’t and I don’t, I just hope and pray their bad calls won’t hurt the Vikings so they lose because of it.

Here is who I’m blaming, the NFL. Why isn’t Roger Goodell getting this situation fixed? The NFL is the top professional sport and has the highest viewer rating and it’s not even close. The NFL makes billions of dollars and the NFL is embarrassing itself by letting this referee situation continue. I can’t even find any evidence that negotiations are even happening on a regular basis. The NFL needs to get this referee situation figured out fast.

Don’t blame the replacement referees, blame the NFL.

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  1. As a high school official I feel I have some perspective on this. A lot of the mistakes these guys are making are weird and things we don’t do even at the HS level. They once spotted 2 balls without even realizing it. Once they spotted a ball 3 yards outside the hash marks. They say these guys are DIII officials, but really? A lot of the mistakes they are making are pee wee level.

    You say the problem is the NFL, but the problem is still the fans. Why? Because we like to complain but really we don’t care. If anything, it makes the game more interesting and the NFL knows it. Ratings have not slipped one iota. Ticket sales continue to be through the roof. The NFL is KING and they know it. And when you are the King, you can do whatever you want. We made the NFL what it is and we the fans are the only ones that could do anything about this. Except we won’t. Because secretly we don’t really care that the refs are bad.

    1. I don’t know about Pee Wee level mistakes? Your reference to NFL is King brought to my mind England and how they treated the rest of the countries surrounding them during the Renaissance time period. Thanks Dan for weighing in.

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