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Today as I was out and about I was reminded about how thank full I am for certain things. I would like to take the time even though it is not Thanksgiving to say “Thank You.” Here are just 10 “Thank You” notes I have.

1. To the Duluth police officers who get the assignment to keep the riff raff away from the Last Place on Earth.

2. To the City of Duluth for making Jim Carlson pay their wages.

3. To Jim Carlson for actually following through and paying them.

4. To the City of Duluth snow plow drivers. To have all the snow removed so quickly is great work.

5. To the nice neighbor man who snow blows my side walk every time we have a snow storm.

6. To DirecTV. The Genie is amazing and I absolutely love recording 5 shows at one time.

7. To Chipotle for responding to my tweets about my desire to have their restaurant in Duluth. I have hope everyday for their arrival.

8. My buddy Josh (@JMKOWA) for never giving up on me and his encouragement to ride a bike with him some day.

9. To Valentines Day. I now purchase a Valentines Day present for my wife and then 3 days later buy her a Birthday present.

10. Finally, Thank you to my wife! You are an amazing mother, wife, and friend. I love you.

If you would like to thank some one just because, leave a comment. I publish all comments.

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