Sad and Happy at the Same Time

March is quite possibly the best month of the year. Why one may ask? Well because of March Madness of course. Why else would someone love the month of March?

Here in Minnesota The Boys Basketball State Tournament started today, next weekend the girls will take part in the State Tournament, and already some college basketball conference tournaments are underway and some will get started this weekend. After this weekend the March Madness Bracket will come out and the best tournament in all of sports will begin. How can you not love this time of year?

I like to brag when I say the last three years I have finished in the top 3 at the bracket challenge at my work. I consider myself to be a pretty good college basketball mind.

I can never get enough basketball and this month will fill my need and then some. But in the same breath I am sad because when college basketball is over there really isn’t anything to watch except to get ready for the start of the NFL season in August.

My Final Four predictions will come out as soon as the bracket is revealed. It’s an exciting time of year. Don’t let it go by without watching some basketball.

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Eddie Bashaw

Living in Duluth, Minnesota and I love writing about it.