Review: Vikings Week 3

This could be by far one of the worst loses I’ve seen by the Minnesota Vikings. I do however still think the 41-0 lose to the Giants even more disappointing.

But back to the this loss to the Cleveland Browns. The most talked about person on this team is definitely Christian Ponder and his stats for the game were 25 for 42, 228 yards with an INT. Ponder did also rush 5 times for 46 yards and 2 TD. But let’s compare it to third string quarterback Brian Hoyer. Hoyer was 30 for 54 with 321 yards and 3 TDs. Hoyer had one start in his career and sure knew how to the throw the ball to Josh Gordon who caught 10 balls for 146 yards with 1 TD. Ponder’s performance wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t good either. As a third year player, Ponder needs to be looking better. But again I ask, is Cassel better? I still say no. Ponder is not the future for this franchise but for this year he is the best option.

If there was a poll taken before the game and Vikings fans were asked, “If the Vikings score 27 points on Sunday will they win?” I bet a strong majority say yes. All week the talk was of the trade of Trent Richardson star running back and the Browns starting Brian Hoyer. How does the Minnesota defense allow that offense to score 31 points? To say this Vikings defense couldn’t stop the Browns offense is pretty sad and makes me more worried about the rest of our schedule and who this defense can prevent from scoring. I am not sure I have an answer for that question.

Where do we go from here? Well I heard on KFAN 100.3 this morning an 0-3 team has gone to the playoffs 3% of the time. Is it already time to start about the NFL Draft? Not yet, but I would like to see this organization make a big in season trade. I see only a trade at this point in the season being beneficial. Once again only time will tell.

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  1. Yeah, if I were you I would start watching a LOT of Louisville and UCLA games on Saturday. The Browns very likely will finish the season 1-15. It’s definitely okay to panic now.

  2. As I said last week, the Vikings will define themselves by how they do against the woeful Browns. The score says it. Ponder has no accuracy beyond 5 yards. The opponents’ D key on AP because they know the pass is not a factor. The Browns recognized the play action rollout just about every time. Not to mention the O line is hopeless. Same for the D line. Jarod was a non-entity. Big Ben is going to pick the secondary apart at Wembley.

    1. Dan no panic mode yet…

      Gene unfortunately I can’t agree with anything you brought up. As I said I really hope the Vikings organization can make a trade to set up the team for the future.

      1. The trade mentioned is always for AP, a la the Herschel Walker trade to the Vikes. Problem is, that means the old “rebuilding” cliché. Frazier has proved he is no NFL coach. The Wilf’s only want their stadium. The fans are not in the equation. Which means all my Vikings sweatshirts stay packed away.

          1. The first in my book would be Jarrod Allen, who has been an absolute bust since he predicted a sack record this year.

      2. You may not agree, that’s fine. At the end of the season we all may end up longing for the days of Les Steckel.

  3. Les Steckel? He wasn’t that bad of a coach, with the exception in MN. Remember the 8-8 Titans in 1998 that then went 13-3 in 1999 and played in the Superbowl? They came up a play short of winning the “big game” against a surging St. Louis team and Kurt Warner? Les was the OC then. He was a bitter, broken, old man at that time. He was terrible in MN however..I digress. I like Christian Ponder. He’s gifted, he’s got talent and he’s not an arrogant SOB like many pro-footballers. But…he needs to start making less mistakes and play with some passion. The Vikes however, have issues all over the place. As Eddie said, they allowed over 30 points per game, their pass D has issues and Patterson and Floyd have been sparks as first rounder but not play makers every single down, like other first rounders have been. A lot of their struggles are still coaching as well. Musgrave is a classic over achiever. A C+ coach at best. Frazier is similar. Why does a guy like Matt Cassel go 11-5 in NE, with an average team? How do the Bucs win the SB in 2003 with average team? The examples go on and on. Coaching and having play makers are still the answer. Defense wins championships and coaching is still the lifeblood of the organization. I think Bill Parcells should come back and coach us to glory.

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