Review: Vikings Week 2

It was a very up and down Sunday for the Minnesota Vikings but I didn’t think their performance was as bad as some people thought. Here are my thoughts:

I did read people call their performance lucky and alluded to the fact the Vikings should have never been in the game in the first place. Here is why I would completely disagree and think the Vikings did everything they needed to do to win the game and be in the game the entire time.

Kick off returns are designed to score a touch down. Cordarrelle Patterson could go the distance almost every time that is just the kind of athlete he is, and we Vikings fans thought the same way of Percy Harvin a season ago. The Vikings scoring on special teams isn’t that much of a surprise.

I was also very impressed with the way the Vikings defense played and the turnovers created by the defense. The defense also scoring a touchdown isn’t “lucky” but what I would call an added bonus. I don’t expect the defense to score every week, but to say I was surprised Jared Allen stripped Jay Cutler, and Brian Robison recovered the ball and ran for a touchdown would be untrue.

Finally, the biggest Vikings discussion is always the play of Christian Ponder. I thought his play was better in the second half, he gave the Vikings a chance to win the game and no matter what sport a person is playing, to have a chance to win at the end of the game is all one can ask for. Sure the Vikings didn’t score a touchdown on that final drive but with a six point lead late in the fourth quarter, and with how great the defense was playing I really liked the chances for a Vikings victory. As we all know the Vikings didn’t win but to say the Vikings played terrible, or the Vikings were very lucky to even be in the game, or to say Chicago’s poor play was the reason the Vikings had a chance to win, I think is just not true.

Let me also bring up 3 other important factors in this game. The Vikings don’t play as good outside, on natural grass, and at Solider Field. Three factors already in Chicago’s favor.

I liked the way the Vikings played. I liked how Christian Ponder played. I like how the schedule favors the Vikings for the next two weeks and for the Vikings to be 2-2 going into the bye week is not that much of a stretch as some people might think.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Vikings Week 2”

  1. A loss is a loss, and when it comes from the inability to hold on for three more minutes, it makes the loss tougher. This is what separates playoff teams from also-rans. At 0-2 some are writing off the Steelers, and they have a real NFL QB. What does that say about the Vikes with Ponder? If the woeful Browns come in and win, all the talk about outdoor play ( which is really a weak rationalization) and losing away is just being blind to the team the Vikes really are. They may end making the Twins look competent.

  2. Vikings should be playing for their fourth win in a row on Monday night in New York in week 7. They have a soft schedule that will give Ponder and Cordarrelle a chance to settle in. Patterson will more than compensate for the loss of Harvin. Saw him in the preseason at the Dome, he’s the real deal. Unfortunately, the Vikings secondary can’t stop elite, cheese-eating QB’s who will remain nameless. The next month will be fun for the Purple faithful, but don’t drink the grape kool aid. Playoffs are possible, but one-and-done would be a triumph for Christian’s congregation.

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