Recent Drug Bust in Duluth

I first read about the arrest of 30 individuals by the Lake Superior Drug and Violent Crime Task Force and the Duluth Police Department on Saturday February 9, 2013. The Duluth News Tribune went to print with this article. I have included a link.

It is sure interesting, maybe coincidence that when I share my opinion about something, then some big news follows. Take for example my post about the priests at Bentleyville, soon after the post news was uncovered the priest was a registered sex offender. My most recent post about EBT was followed up with 30 arrests.

I’d like to weigh in on the most recent arrests. First I am not here to pass judgement on those arrested but rather just discuss and share as a tax paying citizen how I feel about this news. As you may or may not know, the point of this blog is to share my opinion about news in the Duluth area, state of Minnesota and the great country USA.

I guess my concern on this article is the use of the EBT to trade for illegal drugs. Let me explain further. People receive the EBT assistance because of lack of means to provide for themselves. I support people receiving government assistance, because most people at one point in their lives will or may need it. I too needed the assistance 2 years ago. I was let go from my job and was unemployed for a little over 2 months. The assistance my wife and I received was so helpful to us and at the time our 2 kids.

I don’t try to pretend I know everyone’s situation and story who was arrested. But it is troubling when people would think drugs are more important than buying themselves or maybe a dependent some food. I have never been addicted to drugs (only caffeine and my Diet Coke) so I have no idea what people go through but if the drug dealers want food over drugs what does that say? What is a person thinking when they want to trade food for drugs? A person must spend the time to fill out all the forms to receive the assistance and then values the money for food to spend on illegal drugs.

I have heard the opinion to help crack down on abuse of government assistance people receiving the assistance should be willing to submit to illegal drug testing before the assistance is received. It would be an interesting idea to ponder.

But again my biggest concern about these arrests are people would want drugs more than they would want food. Are times really that hard?

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