Reaction: MSU Football Players Refusing to Practice

I just watched the news story about the Mankato State University football players refusing to practice for reinstated head coach Todd Hoffner. The statement read by the players said they would only play for the previous interim coach Aaron Keen.

My reaction is not about the charges against Todd Hoffner, but the what the heck are these players thinking? I have been involved in all levels of sports my entire life and I have never seen a situation where the entire team refused to play for a coach. The story said the university, coach Todd Hoffner, and the players will be meeting on Thursday.

How do these players think they can pick their coach? Some of these players are under scholarship and they are now trying to tell the university who they want to play for. Do the students think the school will continue to pay for their education if they don’t play?

I got some more news for you players, if you don’t like the coach, TRANSFER. If you don’t like the coach, stop playing. You don’t get to pick your coach and if the University officials allow this to sway their coaching decision and they make a coaching change it will be nothing but big problems. Other teams at the university might just decide they want a new coach.

I can’t wait to see what the university will do. What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “Reaction: MSU Football Players Refusing to Practice”

  1. Didn’t Mr. Hoffner recruit most of the players that are now refusing to play? Sounds like some spring cleaning is needed!

  2. sounds like they do not respect Hoffner and have someone they can believe in, trust and want to play for. The allegations that Hoffner watched porn or allowed someone to watch porn on his office computer were not disproved – the judge merely said you could not fire someone for that. Hoffner should not have returned to a situation that is only going to be a firestorm.

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