Random Drug Testing – NO WAY

Yesterday the Duluth News Tribune published a story about the steps the Duluth School Board is taking to possibly put a plan into action that would allow for random drug testing for high school students who participate in co-curricular activities. I am not in favor of this idea at all.

I do acknowledge that drug and alcohol use at the high school level is a serious issue but I think random drug testing for student in co-curricular activities alone is a terrible idea. Here’s why. Why are we singling them out? Students in co-curricular activities already have to perform in the class room to a higher standard than non. It just doesn’t make sense to me why a school district would only randomly drug test those students. Just because they sign up to participate in the extra curricular activities they need to be tested? When I was in high school the majority of the drug users were to busy using drugs to even worry about participating in something that was “extra.” Now I am also not saying that athletes don’t use drugs or alcohol but to single out the participants of extra curricular activities for a drug test just doesn’t sit well with me.

If they want to perform random drug testing, then make it required for every student. I am very happy for the work the schools are doing to keep the drugs and alcohol out of the schools but if my son or daughter wants to be in a co-curricular activity at say age 14, I’m not in favor of their blood being taken for some test.

I will be very interested to see where this is headed.

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2 thoughts on “Random Drug Testing – NO WAY”

  1. Although the report I saw on local news didn’t specify the type of test they are considering, I think they would likely use a simple urine test. This is the same test that is required for many workers nowadays. In my profession, the USCG monitors the random selection of U.S. seaman, vessel operators and ship officers. Truck drivers, welders, machinists and many other occupations mandate random urine sample drug testing — or as the crew on my vessel calls it the “Whiz Quiz”. I agree by the way, with your sentiment that if they add random drug testing in the high schools, that all should be in the randomly selected pool — including teachers, assistants, substitutes and administrators. As a former high school (and later) athlete, I also agree with your assertion that the kids going out for sports are very unlikely to be doing drugs. The participation in the sport is usually too important to them to jeopardize it. After all, in every high school the disparate student social groups are well known. We all knew exactly who the jocks, preppy’s, Nerds or Druggies were. You could always tell the druggies because the only thing they were worried about was getting their next joint — and where the Doritos were. 😉

  2. So far the courts have not permitted schools to randomly test any student. What they have said is a school may drug test anyone who participates in extracurricular activities.

    But simply attending school does not currently justify random drug testing.

    What message does this send to the kids? “We don’t trust you at all.”

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