Pray For Boston

My first thoughts about this tragic event come back to questions about what kind of person can justify in their own mind that making a bomb, planting a bomb in a very congested area, and detonating the bomb to kill men, women, and children is okay.

It baffles my mind that people can come up with excuses as to why this bombing is okay and justified. I used the word excuse because in my mind it is an excuse. I find no reason why the murdering of people in this way is ever justified.

I do have great hope in the government leaders in the Boston area who are now leading this investigation. I just watched the Mayor, Governor, FBI officials and Senators give statements about the actions that will be taken. Another reason I have hope that justice will prevail is because,the general public has already contributed video, pictures and eye witness account about the events. I have great confidence more American people will come forth with more pictures and videos to share with the authorities. These tips from the public and evidence the authorities will find, I believe will lead to justice.

This person or people will not be able to hide and I believe justice will be served.

I have no personal connections to Boston but I do say a deep thank you to all that helped to keep people safe and also helped people get the medical attention they needed.

Pray for Boston.

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Eddie Bashaw

Living in Duluth, Minnesota and I love writing about it.