Please Mr. Spielman Don’t Screw This Up

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How fun is it to talk NFL football year round? I say super fun and I never thought I would love the NFL Draft as much as I do but the draft is awesome.

The Minnesota Vikings have the number 8 overall pick in this years draft and there is much talk here in Minnesota as to what General Manager Rick Spielman will do. I won’t get into it too much and just cut right to the point. But let me express this at least, PLEASE PLEASE Rick as if your job depends on it, get it right.

With the number 8 overall pick the Vikings should head in this direction. It is no secret and not ground breaking news the Vikings need a franchise quarterback but so do 3 other teams that pick before the Vikings. Moving up in the draft is too costly and the top quarterbacks in this years draft will already be gone by pick 8, so with that being said I do believe it is an excellent idea for Mr. Spielman to take the best defensive player on the board at pick 8 and not reach for a quarterback.

Blake Bortles, Johnny Manziel, and Teddy Bridgewater I think will all be gone by pick 8 and taking Derek Carr or AJ McCarron would be another stretch/risk Mr. Spielman doesn’t want to take. At least I hope so. The only quarterback I like from that list of 5 at pick 8 to take is Blake Bortles and if he is available at pick 8 we should take him, but that is a very big stretch. There is NO way he falls to pick 8.

Mr. Spielman does like to trade on draft day and I hope he does but please Mr. Spielman take the best defensive player on the board at pick 8. Let’s roll with Matt Cassel since the Vikings are now paying him 5 million a year, and look for quarterback in round 2 or 3.

Who would you take at pick 8? Would you trade up?

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