Opinion: The Last Place on Earth in Duluth Minnesota

The Last Place on Earth has been around since as long as I can remember. However, I don’t remember it ever being in the news so much as it is right now.

The recent activity at the Last Place on Earth although troubling I believe should be expected. Why you may ask?

Here is why it should be expected. First off the store is in a high traffic area. Being on Superior Street in downtown Duluth is a prime location. Success at the retail level is all about location and for what Jim Carlson sells his location is a good one. Second, almost every Duluth Transit Authority bus travels on Superior Street to make the trips to downtown. The use of public transportation in the Duluth is very popular and while on the bus one can’t help but see the store and the crowd gathered outside. Third, the products The Last Place on Earth sells unfortunately draws large amounts of people. And for lack of a better term, those products aren’t exactly family friendly supplies you would find at your local Target or Walmart.

Jim Carlson has done an excellent job doing what small business owners are suppose to do, sell a product that is in high demand and make money. Jim Carlson is definitely making a lot of money.

But please Mr. Carlson don’t try and sell us your business is for the greater good and you are here to help people. Mr. Carlson also says he is here to protect peoples rights. Your products “help” people but, probably not helping people like a doctor would help people. Last time I checked, doctors don’t make as much money as you do, and have you ever been sued for malpractice?  Mr. Carlson makes it perfectly clear he is just looking out for people and selling products to “help” people. One can also determine for themselves how they would like to define the word help.

I do like the City’s decision to address the loitering problem outside of The Last Place on Earth because it is not safe. If you haven’t seen the latest security footage that captures a beating outside the Last Place on Earth, I have included it.  As a father of two I would never walk with my two kids by the store or anywhere near that area. Unfortunately if there was a service I needed from a business located next to or by the Last Place on Earth, they won’t be receiving my business. But who knows, I maybe in the minority because while driving by The Last Place on Earth I have witnessed several moms or dads entering the store while pushing a stroller.

So please Mr. Carlson while you fight the City of Duluth again, please just come out and admit you love selling the products  in your store because you are making millions of dollars. I would respect your honesty. I don’t think the majority of people in Duluth are buying your “fight for greater good” speeches.

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  1. I’ll not be frequenting any businesses near the business mentioned here today. It is unfortunate that anyone might need to be any where in that area. This problem needs to be solved for the actual “greater good” & needs to be solved quickly & finally. Given the products for sale there, it should be illegal to even bring children into or near the business—it’s “x-rated”.
    It’s time for the owner to move on. Enough dirty money has been made off of the poor, addicted people it draws. Enough.

  2. Every once in a while I google “Bashaw” and this is the first time I’ve seen this blog. Bashaw is not a common name.

    Best regards

    Tony Bashaw

  3. Im split on the responses. I understand the importance of removing an eyesore of a business in the neighborhood that welcomes undesirable ppl to the area. But as far as “dirty money”, there are so many businesses that operate with the only thing in mind is their bottom line or “dirty money”. Did we for get about the days of slavery in the south? How about introducing various chemicals to the food industry despite the impact its having on our health? Pharmaceutical companies making billions prescribing pills for everything under the sun and the abuse of said pills are growing seemingly unchecked? How could we forget about the banks that made billions with a method that brought our economy to its knees just a few years back? Most of which has never been brought to justice. The list is endless. There are so many industries that make money despite the impact of its ripple effect. In Jim Carlson’s defense, it seems to be the American way. Dirty money? I am only saying that stance toward Jim, is a very difficult one to stand on. Opinion?

    1. Ted, I do think you bring up valid points and I think the main reason so many citizen were upset with the business was because of the loitering that was always associated with the business. He did indeed accomplish the American way and made a lot of money unfortunately it was illegally. He reminds me of the main character in the movie Blow. Jim had to see all the money he had and just got greedy and wanted more. Now he lost it all.

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