One and Done…Pretty Stupid If You Ask Me

I don’t like the idea of putting a rule on the one and done rule for college basketball. It isn’t the rule that makes the NBA game bad, it is the game, the rules, the terrible officiating, the terrible organizations and the overall image of the NBA. People now a days aren’t attracted to watch the game and how it is played these days. People use to love the NBA in the 90s because of the players. Yes it was the players. Players have changed, the game has changed and oh how I have watched the game change in 20 years.

But back to college basketball. Telling athletes they need to go to college for 1 year before going entering the NBA draft is stupid. Has implementing this rule really made the NBA game any better. NO WAY. All it does is cause more problems for the college athletic programs and make the NCAA look terrible in their ability to make the tough decisions. There should be no rule and let the athletes decide for themselves when they want to try and make millions playing professional basketball.

Do you think players who have recently declared for the NBA draft are still attending classes? I sure don’t. Are those athletes making their college programs better or just giving the coach a better winning percentage to get his annual bonus?

Dear NBA, Please stop ruining college basketball with this rule. Maybe you should learn from the NFL and structure your player contracts with some “guaranteed money” stipulations. I bet players will be more motivated to be better if they know they lose everything if they are terrible players, or have poor character. Either make the rule to attend college for 3 years or don’t have it at all. A 1 year rule is terrible and does nothing but make the NBA even worse every single year.

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Eddie Bashaw

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