NHL Officials Need to Pull Their Whistles Out of Their Pockets

Anyone who knows me knows I love high school and college basketball, but I do like to casually watch NHL Hockey during the regular season (mostly MN Wild) but to my wife’s surprise I do love watching NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. Right after March Madness, NHL Playoff hockey might be the most exciting post season out there.

As I continue to watch the NHL playoffs unfold I continue to read and hear a lot of talk about how the NHL referees are not calling as many penalties as the regular season. This makes absolutely no sense to me.

How can officials not call penalties? Not only is this bad for the game but it also causes these playoff games to get physically out of control. Players are getting punched in the back of the head, excessive contact is happening around the net and nothing is stopping the players. A penalty is a penalty and if the NHL doesn’t want it players getting hurt from cheap shots they better do something about it. How about tell it’s referees to start using their whistles.

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Eddie Bashaw

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