NFL Playoffs

The NFL Playoffs Wild Card action this past weekend was fun to watch. All four games were great and I did watch almost all of them. Since my squad the Minnesota Vikings weren’t even close to making the playoffs I could just watch with no qualms of who won.

The only game I did have an opinion about was the 49ers versus the Packers of course. (Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike the Packers?) During the game my Twitter feed and Facebook News Feed were filled with many Packer related postings. Just as the Packers lost their playoff game, at Lambeau, my cousin was quick to say, it was a good playoff run. I quickly responded with, what run? The Packers didn’t go anywhere. My cousin was quick to say(in good fun), why don’t you blog about it.

Challenge accepted.

Let’s take a step back and review my favorite team just one year ago. The Minnesota Vikings made the playoffs but lost in the first round to the team I hate the most. I use the Vikings as an example because they are the team I cheer for the most. There was no playoff run. They were one and done. To me I think a playoff run maybe would be like the New England Patriots going to the Superbowl and losing, or the Minnesota Vikings in 2009 going to the NFC title game and losing. You actually have to go somewhere in the playoffs for it to be considered a run. Otherwise your team just made the playoffs.

It could almost be like telling someone, “hey I’m going for a run.” You get all dressed, stretch, warm up, walk outside, and then come back inside. You didn’t really go anywhere.

So what do you think of when someone says, “it was a nice run.” Are you like me and think, that was one and done. Or is just making the playoffs a nice run? Can’t wait to hear. (Gene what do you think? Thanks for being suck a loyal reader)

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