New Electronic Parking Pay Stations in Downtown Duluth

I had some business to do in downtown Duluth today and as I was driving there I realized I didn’t have any quarters for the meters. My thought process was as such, I will not pay the meter, hope my business will be quick and pray I don’t get a parking ticket. As I found a spot I noticed the new sign with the stall number and the pay station close by. It was a no brainer now, I was going to pay and not gamble at all. As I approached the pay station I was politely greeted by a city employee who was helping folks get acquainted with the new machine. As I was putting in my stall information and paying with my debit card I quickly told the employee how much I was in favor of the pay stations and love them over the traditional parking meter.

I sure hope the city will be in favor of this method over the traditional meter forever. It is already done in Canal Park and I see no other way more convenient than the pay station. I hope this trial period will turn into a permanent period.

I have attached the news clip from for your viewing pleasure.

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Eddie Bashaw

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