New Bill Proposed for EBT and Food Stamps

One of my loyal readers forwarded me a story about a subject that I wrote about some time ago that generated some steam. It appears Rep Phil Roe has proposed a bill that would require only healthy food purchases with food stamps or EBT.

It is a great read and I will not take away from it’s content but one statistic I read must be talked about. The story references a study done in 2012 that showed food stamp recipients spent 2 billion, yes that was billion, on junk food. Wow that’s a lot of money. There is no way food stamps should be used for this amount of money for people to purchase junk food.

Here is a link to the story.

It will be interesting to hear how others feel about this proposed bill.

Representative Phil Roe you have my support.

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5 thoughts on “New Bill Proposed for EBT and Food Stamps”

  1. I am in complete agreement with your viewpoint! However, I would like you to pause, and think about the vast majority of population you are addressing:
    A) Bad nutrition is a family illness. Many people that receive benefits have never been taught the importance of nutrition. This passes on to their children, who may or may not in the future use benefits, as well.
    B) Junk food is overall the AFFORDABLE food. Have you ever bought a cart full of ‘healthy’ compared to ‘junk’ groceries? Whole foods that must be cooked, really are cheaper, will make more, will help you feel better/more energy, but if you have $5, and you can’t purchase all the ingredients for your meal, but the boxed meal with everything in it is $5, what would you choose?
    C) Many people receiving benefits have no idea what nutritious food is. They also have no idea that they can get more bang for their buck at the farmer’s market, currently, although ad’s are all over the place. (Spend $5, get $10 in product)
    I think it is a great idea to regulate EBT. You know, there is really nothing more maddening than standing behind someone at the grocery store that has filet mingon, hoho’s, frozen pizza, and a case of pop in their cart, whom then pay with EBT. But realistically speaking, we must also provide these people with some education, perhaps with a registered dietician about what healthy eating consists of and what all that junk food does to your body! Education is the way to breaking this cycle, not telling them they can’t buy ‘junk food’ anymore.

    1. I completely agree in your point about education. I also think if the EBT was like the WIC program and had a very detailed list of what you could and could not buy that would be good as well. And I think I should clarify what I think of when I hear junk food. Things like candy, & soda. But I like the education piece.

      1. That list wouldn’t work for some of us. I must maintain a gluten free diet for a genetic autoimmune disease I know some on WIC and the gluten free foods aren’t on the allowed list and most of the foods that are they can’t use. If you go that route you need to revamp the list.

    2. Where I live the Farmer’s Market doesn’t accept EBT or SNAP and they aren’t open year round do to weather.
      I agree that recipients do need to be educated about nutrition. I’ve had a lot of classes on nutrition in college. I want everyone to have at least some of the same knowledge. It’s important to overall health not just for those on food assistance.
      Also the more nutritious foods need to be lower in cost instead of the junk being less expensive. Part of that is the corporate welfare the government gives certain companies that use certain crops like corn and wheat. There’s a whole list of things that need to happen to lower food costs so everyone can afford to eat healthy.
      But educating people what is healthy and what isn’t and which foods should be a treat not everyday, needs to be a a priority too.
      As for changing what recipients can buy with their benefits it’s been tried before I don’t think it will change any time soon.

  2. Lets not forget what EBT stands for – Electronic Benefts Transfer. Card readers cannot decipher between SNAP or foodstamps or anything. We are so quick to judge those with an EBT card as drags on society but keep this in mind; for all you know, that is a combat veteran simply using his or her benefits.

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