My Reaction to Jason Collins

I recently saw a tweet that said, and I’m paraphrasing, people told Tim Tebow to be quiet about his religion and people are now calling Jason Collins a hero. This has really made me think over the last couple days about how I feel about the announcement of Jason Collins’ sexual orientation.

Another reason I have thought about this announcement so much is the criticism that Chris Broussard is taking after expressing his opinion when asked about it on OTL on ESPN. After the comments were made, Michael Sherrard, from the liberal group Faithful America, urged supporters in a email to sign a petition that calls on ESPN to discipline Broussard. I have included the video here of his controversial comments.

If you do not subscribe to Sports Illustrated here is a link to the online article titled, Why NBA Center Jason Collins is coming out now.

Jason Collins has now finished his 12th NBA season with what some may call a pretty average career. He is now a free agent and from the way I perceive his comments, still wanting to play more basketball. I referenced to see his career stats which are somewhat unimpressive, but his success in the NBA is not the point of my thoughts.

My thoughts reference more about why a person maybe thought of as a bigot if they openly disagree with in this case a person who is a homosexual. defines a bigot as a “person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief or opinion.” Mr. Broussard was given the opportunity to express his opinion on the announcement and did so in my opinion very professionally and appropriately.

The great part about America is the right to be able to share your opinions in almost any manner. Another example I would use that relates a little bit closer to my home is the lifestyle of Jim Carlson, owner of the Last Place on Earth. He has every right to open a store, sell a legal product, and make money through his business. Do I like what he sells? No. Would I ever open a store to sell those products? No. I am utterly intolerant of his belief or opinions? No, but I do openly disagree with choices he makes.

Here are my thoughts about Jason Collins. First, I have no problem with him announcing his sexual orientation. Second, I’m happy for him to be able to play 12 years in the NBA. But maybe my most controversial comments about his announcement is more of a question. Will the NBA, or an NBA team be criticized if he does not get another contract offer for his 13th year? Will people be so shallow as to say he is not getting any contract offers because he is gay? I guess time will tell.

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4 thoughts on “My Reaction to Jason Collins”

  1. I totally agree with you Eddie… I do feel as a player he is not a outstanding player and he may not get another NBA job again after 13 years, There are plenty of young players with equal or better talent. But you are so right the noise will be about his sexual orientation.

  2. I think that it’s interesting when you come out and are honest about who you are and what you believe you are deemed a hero by the media and pop culture…unless your names are Chris Broussard or Tim Tebow. Then you are just a bigot.

  3. Comparing Jason Collins to Tim Tebow is not a great argument. Tebow was not exactly the first openly Christian athlete. He was just good at making a big production out of it. Chris Broussard is being called a bigot because he is hiding behind the bible to justify his narrow view. The bible says a lot of things and if Broussard has worked on Sunday or eaten shrimp, he can take that argument down the road. The American public is finally starting to accept gay people as equals amd being an openly gay man in the NBA, which is one of the most alpha male cultures in sports, can’t be easy. So, yes, it is big news (and good news). I really doubt he is trying to weasel another few years in the NBA with this.

  4. Nikolas, you argument just lost all credibility the minute you implied the Bible is against working on Sundays and eating shrimp! Haha, if you’re going to bring something to this discussion, at least try to bring some accurate knowledge with you.

    The fact is, if you believe the Bible is the inspired words of the creator God, then you accept that in not just one random passage, but multiple, spread throughout a consistent message in the entire Bible, that homosexual lifestyles are not a part of God’s desire for our behavior. Holding this belief system also means that one is called to treat EVERYONE with respect and love because no one’s sin is better or worse than anyone else. It is extremely unfortunate that many Christians (I do not mean Eddie and this post) have chosen to portray this sin as a “bigger” sin than any other. It is most certainly not. But Broussard was just answering a question and standing up for what he believes. He did not ask the question and he made it very clear that he would treat Jason Collins with the same respect he would treat anyone else. That does not make him a bigot according to the definition.

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