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The big game is just a few hours away and I’d like to say I’m excited to watch it but as a huge Minnesota Vikings fan, I don’t know if there is any hope for my team. Even though the game is at Mall of America field, and the Minnesota Vikings typically play well against the Green Bay Packers this could be a route.

Minnesota Vikings vs Green Bay Packers

Here are a couple reasons why this game may not be competitive:

1. Aaron Rodgers plays outstanding against the Vikings. His statistics are amazing and despite the injuries the Packers have at WR, Rodgers is still in the top 5 QB in the league.

2. The Vikings secondary is awful and defense as a whole hasn’t been able to stop anyone. Need I say more? Rodgers is probably going to pass for over 400 yards with 3 touchdowns.

3. The Vikings QB is pretty bad. Josh Freeman is out with concussion like symptoms. Christian Ponder is the starting quarterback and I can say I’m a bit disappointed. I believe Cassel is the right man for this job now that the Vikings have made it pretty clear after this season Ponder will not be their guy. Let’s hope Ponder can complete some passes over 5 yards in length.

4. The Minnesota Vikings offensive line can’t block enough to get AP some solid yards. If AP is doing nothing this team is in serious trouble. I’d love for AP to go off for like 200 yards and 2 TD but I believe Green Bay will stack the box and force Ponder to make some throws. Ponder has not done that yet this season. If the Vikings get behind early they will be forced to pass which makes AP even more useless.

My prediction:

Green Bay Packers jump out to a very early and big lead and then cruise the rest of the way.

It pains me to say this but I must, Green Bay Packers 34 – Minnesota Vikings 13. Blair Walsh will make the two field goals from past 50 yards.

Share your prediction. Anyone think the Vikings can pull it off?

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  1. The win over Nebraska was the State of Minnesota’s football miracle of the season. The Vikings have shown they can’t compete, even at the lowest level of competition. No secondary, no defensive rush, no QB, and AP up the middle into a mass of humanity waiting for him will not get him any rushing records. GB wins it 45-10.

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