Minnesota Vikings Reaction

Here are my thoughts about the firing of Minnesota Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier. I have provided the link here.

The Minnesota Vikings fired Leslie Frazier but the real issue with the Minnesota Vikings is their quarterback. Christian Ponder is terrible and how the organzation or should I say Rick Spielman address this issue leaves us with nothing but more questions.

I heard a great analogy on the radio today about the quarterback position. When Aaron Rodgers was injured how good were the Green Bay Packers? The team was average and almost out of the playoffs. Did the Packer coach staff excel with an average quarterback? No the team was average. Just further proof that a NFL team needs a good quarterback to be successful.

Will Rick Spielman find the Minnesota Vikings a quality new head coach and find a quality solution to the quarterback situation? I bet not and we are still terrible a year from now.

I will defintiely have more reaction to Minnesota Vikings news as it happens.

What do you think will solve the Vikings problems? I’m excited to hear what some others may think.

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4 thoughts on “Minnesota Vikings Reaction”

  1. The front office should have gone out the door with Frazier, but it doesn’t matter. The owner really doesn’t care about a winning football team. He got what he wanted. The Vikes need so much help at so many positions, the next few years will be a repeat of this one.

    1. Gene I’m glad you commented because I was wondering your thoughts. I tend to agree that Spielman should be out too. If he fails this year, Spielman will be out but it may put us another year behind the rest of the division.

  2. They should hire Chad Brilldress to be the GM, then hire Matt Millen as special consultant for the draft. Hire a search firm to identify a defensive coordinator with a history of running a kick ass defense who also has a knack for developing “diamond in the rough” quarterbacks such as Mcleod Bethel Thompson. Consider bringing Wayne Fontes in as offensive coordinator. Spend cash money on d-backs (Vontae Davis) and package a trade (Jarius Wright and Matt Cassell)for Kuechley. Snatch up Vince Wilfork after his injury with a trade package of Guion and Josh Robinson. I hear Vince Young is available. Get him and run a wildcat package along with a read option offense. Hire Latrell Sprewell as motivational speaker. Hire Mike Morris as strength coach. Hire Rachel Ray to be team chef; her specialty is grilled cheese. Hire Sarah Palin to run your PR campaigns – she gets us and has tremendous experience.

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