Minnesota Vikings Game 5 Recap

I scheduled this to publish and for some reason it did not. I apologize for this being 2 weeks late.

Needless to say it was a very depressing Sunday afternoon watching the purple get embarrassed at home versus the Carolina Panthers. I don’t know if this is a good thing or not but the part of the game I remember the most is Brian Billick ripping on Bill Musgrave for the smallest play card in the history of the NFL. Okay I might be exaggerating what Brian Billick said.

The news leading up to the game was dominated by the signing of Josh Freeman to a 1 year deal for what they are reporting is around 2 million bucks. I don’t mind the signing but that discussion is for a different time.

As for the game on Sunday, it was pretty simple. The Panthers played better and they won. Cassel was bad. Once again he is a bad quarterback and I don’t care how much experience he has, after this week I still would argue Ponder has better potential. Josh Freeman could be named the starting quarterback this week.

Random thought, I wonder what Greg Jennings is thinking? He had to know the quarterbacks in Minnesota are bad, and then wonder how he would get the ball. But on the other hand he does not have a big chunk of guaranteed money. Money makes everything all better.

I am so glad for the NFL Sunday Ticket on Directv because I was able to at least watch some good football this weekend.

Random thought number 2, when I flipped over to the Packer game, I know, I know but they were losing at the time I started watching. How come the Vikings never call a play like the one when Aaron Rodgers threw the bomb touchdown pass to Jordy Nelson? I can’t remember the last time I ever saw the Vikings run a play like that.

Lots of good questions surrounding the season. Will Josh Freeman work out? Will Leslie Frazier get fired? What will happen to Christian Ponder? Will the Vikings organization make a big trade in the middle of the season? Let’s wait and see.

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