Minnesota Vikings Can’t Seal the Deal










This season when the Minnesota Vikings are 10 point underdogs there isn’t too much to hope for on a Sunday afternoon. But like most Sunday’s this squad amazes me in some way that I would have never expected. I actually was quite impressed with the Minnesota Vikings effort on both sides of the ball. Here’s a couple reasons why.

First, I did think this was the best game of the year for Christian Ponder. He made some nice throws. He kept some plays alive with his feet and even ran in for a touch down. He had a pretty bad interception but with doing other things well it wasn’t the main thing to remember about his performance.

Second, I think the defense was very solid. The Vikings got pressure on Romo. The defense really stopped the Cowboys running game. The defense also created turnovers. Unfortunately their performance might solely be graded by some on the last drive, but I still think their performance was solid.

Third, it was sure nice to see the offensive line open up some running lanes for Adrian Peterson. Watching AP run over people is one of the best parts about Minnesota Viking football. AP must have the ball in his hands for this team to even have a chance and yesterday’s play calling gave AP that chance.

Last, just some perspective about this game. I have a friend who is a very HUGE Dallas Cowboys fan. I was excited about the game and how the Vikings played and then talking with my friend he was crabby and dare I say mad. He wasn’t impressed with his squad and kept saying and I’m paraphrasing, yea sure we win this now, win the division and then lose in the first round of the playoffs. What good is that? Right now I must say, I’d take winning with a good quarterback any day over getting a good draft pick, but that’s just me.

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