Let’s Keep Moving Forward

Primary elections are coming up on September 10 for Duluth City Council and Duluth School Board positions and it is my hope the residents of this city will elect people to keep the city moving forward and not elect those who will look to take steps backwards.

As a public school alumni and a father of a public school child, I am proud of the Duluth Public Schools. I know many are upset about the Red Plan and how the Red Plan was put into effect and how taxes were raised without a public vote but please, Duluth needed new schools. Let’s not live in the past and I think it is time to move on and not continue to be mad about the Red Plan.

As I look at the list of some candidates who are trying to get elected for a seat in the Duluth School Board I hope some of them will not make it past the primary.

It is time for the citizens of Duluth to stop being mad about the Red Plan and embrace the changes and how the changes make the future of the city better and how much better educated our children will be with new schools. The new schools are also better resources for our teachers to teach. I’d be happy to debate with anyone for example that the new Lester Park School isn’t a better resource than the 100 year old building they tore down in exchange.

Duluth residents please vote for people who want to improve our future not harm it.

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One thought on “Let’s Keep Moving Forward”

  1. While there were parts of it I didn’t like, I agree that the Red Plan was needed. Duluth had the chance to avoid the Red Plan 20 years ago. The school board at that time, with George Balach and Tony Stauber in particular, advocated a 2-high school plan and a combination of renovations, building closures, and new buildings that would have given us something similar to what we have now for a fraction of the cost. The point that has not been made so far in the years of debate around the Red Plan is that the cost of doing nothing would be even greater. Eventually schools would have needed to be renovated or new construction done, and construction costs aren’t going to get any cheaper. The Red Plan was the best of the options available despite its shortcomings and it needed to be implemented before the renovation and construction costs increased even further.

    That being said–now is the time for the school board to focus on having an efficient running operation with the new facilities that should meet its needs for decades to come. Let’s seek out those candidates who favor getting back to old-fashioned basics in education and running a fiscally tight ship. Those are the ones who will improve our future the most. Stick to the fundamentals, cut the fat, and cut our taxes in the process. I haven’t heard a lot I like so far from most of the various candidates running, so I’m hoping clear distinctions will come out among the various candidates before the primary approaches.

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