Jared Allen Signed With The Bears

Yesterday it was announced former Minnesota Viking Jared Allen signed with the Chicago Bears. Jared got a 4 year deal for 32 million with 15.5 million guaranteed. I really don’t think this is a lot of money and I wonder why the Minnesota Vikings weren’t interested in doing a deal like this? Couldn’t the Vikings perhaps gotten a “hometown” discount to keep Jared in town? Apparently not but the Vikings let him go for only 15.5 million dollars? It doesn’t make much sense to me.

Why doesn’t it make sense to me? Here is why, the Vikings earlier signed Everson Griffen to a 5 year deal for 42.5 million dollars with 20 million guaranteed. Everson has 17.5 sacks in four seasons and just one start. I’m sure we are all aware that Jared’s sack total blows these stats out of the water. I know Jared is older but he is proven and Everson is not. I’m not sure how this makes the Vikings defense better and I disagree with the move.

Jared should still be a Viking and I think the Vikings will regret this move next season.

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Eddie Bashaw

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