It’s Time to Change the Lake Superior Conference

Why is Superior High School still a part of the Lake Superior Conference? According to the Superior School district website the high school population is 1633. The Lake Superior Conference website lists the participating schools as Ashland (800), Cloquet (728), Denfeld, Marshall (428 in grades 4-12), Hermantown (680), Proctor (600) and of course Superior (1633). In the paranthese I have included the school population I found online, at the school districts websites. The only population I could not find was Duluth Denfeld. My best guess would be they have a smaller population to Superior.

Going back to my initial question, Why is Superior High School still apart of the Lake Superior Conference? Shouldn’t the teams of the conference be similar in size and from the same state? For example, another conference in northern Minnesota is the Polar League. The schools in the Polar league are all similar size and apart of the MSHSL Class A or AA. There are no teams from Wisconsin in their conference and Duluth East or Grand Rapids is not a part of the conference.

I think it is time the Lake Superior Conference does something about the teams and restructures. Superior shouldn’t be in the Lake Superior Conference anymore. Superior it has been a nice run for you and your Lake Superior Conference titles, but no more. The smaller schools such as Marshall and Proctor just have no chance to compete. It’s simple why, their size. Those 2 schools don’t have the number of students like Superior has to pick from for their basketball team.

Superior how about you put some more teams from Wisconsin on your regular season schedule? How about your join one of the many conferences in Wisconsin? How about you add some teams to your schedule that are similar in size? Why is it the majority of teams Superior will play this season are from Minnesota?

Superior it is time you left the Lake Superior Conference, scheduled tougher games, and joined a conference in Wisconsin.

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      1. Eddie, your whining seems a bit misplaced. For all of the enrollment advantage, Superior does not seem to be dominating anything. If you paid closer attention, you would seem the smaller schools holding their own. Why is it that adults get so worked up over these enrollment and/or private school issues, while the kids just tend to go out and play the games?

      2. What has Superior won the conference in?? They get beat up in hockey every year. Who cares how big their school is. Its about competitiveness and by no means is Superior dominant in this conference. They are in the lower tier. Confused….

  1. Where is it written that a schools athletic conference must all be from the same state. I’m from Northeast Ohio, originally, arguably the nations toughest and most enthusiastic high school football area. We anticipated playing against PA and KY schools to see how we stacked up.

  2. Eddie,

    You clearly lack clarity and integrity. Before you go on another stupid rant you might want to get your facts straight and actually know what you are talking about! Superior has an enrollment of 1418 not 1600 plus ( I don’t have time to check out your other numbers but I think it is convenient that you couldn’t find Denfelds! Duluth East has been trying to get into the conference for years but with their recruiting shananagens over the years AD’s are reluctant to let them in. Superior is in the LSC conference mainly due to budget purposes and you have to remember that this includes all sports Eddie not just basketball! If you look at Hockey, Golf, Volleyball, Softball, Tennis ect the other schools do very well against Superior and they appreciate good competition. If people want to wine like you then they should go to a smaller conference. If you want to fork over the money for Superior to play 22 games in which most school are 5 to 8 hours round trip on school nights then be my guest! The other point you make about Superior not playing bigger schools is also a myth. If you look at both the guys and girls basketball programs schedules over the past few years you will see that most of their non conference games are against big time opponents from St. Paul Johnson/Milwaukee Riverside,Eau Claire to Wausau To Eden Parrie/and Grand Rapids/east twice so I think they mix it in pretty good. Tell the Marshall/Proctor Hockey coaches to leave the LSC conference and people would be pissed. You see Eddie they don’t make excuses about winning; that is just guys like you!

    1. Well Sparty (if that is your real name) thanks for reading and posting a comment, but I do know what I am talking about. Clarity??? Integrity??? Anyways, first lets readdress the enrollment number I used. It was from the Superior School District website so if they have the wrong number don’t blame me. I even included a link. Second, Duluth East left the Lake Superior Conference in 1997 and I know plenty of people from Duluth East and I’m well connected with Duluth East sports and the school is NOT trying to get back in. Since we are talking about Duluth East, did you get a chance to check out their schedule and how for the last 10 years, despite budget cuts, have been able to schedule pretty close to 10 games a year in the Twin Cities. Does Duluth East have so much more money they can afford it but Superior can’t? Are you telling me Superior doesn’t have the money for traveling? That is your excuse for Superior staying in the Lake Superior Conference? Last if you wanna rip someone about integrity and clarity maybe you should be willing to put a first and last name on what you stand for and how your opinions are so much greater. I’m not here to judge anyone, I just like to blog about things in this area that I have an opinion on and not be afraid to have my real first and last name behind my opinions. Take care Sparty.

  3. I just think it’s funny that you “clearly lack clarity”. Wait what? Try not to wet yourself Sparty (I do think that’s his real name). It’s just a man’s opinion on his own blog.

  4. Minnesota is a hockey state. All the duluth schools are very good at hockey…. Has superior ever won an LSC championship in hockey? Marshall is a hockey school (they recruit they have the whole area to “choose” from). Hermantown and Cloquet are hockey schools as well.

  5. Have you really fine your research? The only team that had dominated the LSC is the Girls Swim team and it’s gone to the last race in the last meet to win Conference. The only team Superior had a better standing in Conference last year was Proctor. Superior’s Football and Boys Swim compete in Wisconsin Conferences. 1622 is a skewed number as the grades 9-12 do not have that many students. The class of 2015 is one if the biggest classes in recent years and doesn’t hit 400…… Facts please, not emotions.

  6. Oh….and powerhouse East is trying to get back in….. The girls swim team has been trying for a few years….. You have grade 7-12 figures. We can’t include 7 & 8 grade per Wisconsin rules.

    1. Shelly thanks for clarifying that just the SWIM team is trying to get back in. Oh and by the way there is no Lake Superior Football Conference and to my knowledge never has been one.

  7. I seem to remember when East was in the conference and then they STOLE two of our players who lived in Superior all their lives. Starks and Toland. Just saying some slick moves on the part of the East basketball program.

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