It’s Never Too Cold to Think Golf

Despite the Polar Vortex happening across the country I am still reminded of how much I miss golf and can’t wait to get on the course. It is never too cold to think golf.

I have no doubts this summer I will have more time to play golf than I did last summer. But in the mean time I am trying something new and after the first week I am really enjoying it. Through some friends on Twitter I was made aware of fantasy golf. I am a big fantasy football fan, not a big fan of fantasy basketball or baseball but golf maybe my new number 2 favorite.

It took some research on my part, but now I am understanding the scoring, editing the lineup and how the tournament selection works. Hard to believe they just had a golf tournament in Hawaii last weekend but there is another one coming up this weekend in Hawaii again. I am not complaining I love playing and watching golf and I even love watching the Golf Network. Needless to say my life is consumed with golf and my wife probably isn’t as thrilled as I am about golf.

Anyway back to fantasy golf. I joined a fun league not for any money but just some bragging rights. It took some getting used to but I think I finally figured out a good system.

Fantasy golf isn’t as much work as basketball or baseball but slightly more perhaps than football. Fantasy golf does require a lineup adjustment on the weekends as the tournament goes on.

If you love golf and you love fantasy sports I would definitely recommend giving fantasy golf a try. There are tons of free leagues out there. Give Yahoo a try. See you on the links.

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