I Need Your Help

Like almost every person in entire country I have a fantasy football team. The big debate in the league has been the fairness and quality of the trades that have happened. To no one’s surprise, everyone thinks their trade is the best and other trades are absolutely terrible. I came up with the idea this weekend to take the trades to the readers. Let the readers decide with an unbiased opinion. So please will you take time to make a comment on what trade you believe is the worst trade that has happened in my fantasy league. Bragging rights are on the line so your comments are important. I will summarize each trade and title the trade accordingly. For example, I will call the trades, “Trade 1” or “Trade 2.” Then in your comment all you need to say is the title of the trade. Once again I appreciate all your unbiased help to clear up some very heated discussions about our “trade quality.”

Trade 1:
Torey Smith for Dwayne Bowe

Trade 2:
Ray Rice and Michael Crabtree for Darren McFadden, Hakeem Nicks & Greg Zuerline

Trade 3:
Aaron Rodgers, Brandon Lloyd & Packers D for Matt Stafford, Andre Johnson & Bills D

Trade 4:
LeSean McCoy, Vincent Jackson, & Ben Tate for Percy Harvin, James Jones & Chris Johnson

Trade 5:
Darren McFadden, Aaron Hernandez, James Jones & William Powell for Stevan Ridley, Alex Green, Jimmy Graham & Miles Austin

Trade 6:
Rashard Mendenhall & Roddy White for Reggie Bush & Kenny Britt


Trade 7:
Peyton Manning & Wes Welker for Cam Newton and CJ Spiller

Once again I appreciate my readers taking the time to comment and settle this argument in a very democratic way.

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One thought on “I Need Your Help”

  1. I think that trade 5 is the worst McFadden is a bust, Hernandez hasn’t played most of the year, James jones is good in spurts, and Powell….really?, for Ridley a solid RB 2, Alex Green who is starting to get more carries, Jimmy Graham who is dominant despite missing time, and Austin has played outstanding all year. Whom ever made the trade that gave up Ridley and the others knows NOTHING about fantasy……I bet his name is Tony huh?? 😉

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