I Must Apologize

Recently I posted my views on the School Levy and shared my desire that both pass to improve the quality of the schools and this city. It was my feeling there was no need to vote on these issues and the school board and superintendent should put these through. However, it was decided the city should vote on both. I didn’t necessarily think this was a good idea and the views and hard feelings from some about the Red Plan would out weigh those who wanted change, and cause the second levy to fail despite the ever so small tax increase. I ripped the citizens of Duluth and their negative attitudes about the schools.

Well on Tuesday November 5 the citizens spoke and voted YES and YES! (Kind of reminds me of Daniel Bryan) I didn’t think this would happen but I must say I am sure happy it did. So, I say thanks citizens of Duluth for seeing this as a move to improve the future and voting in favor of this change. It is good to see this change in my opinion and glad the citizens of this city support it as well. I apologize for being so negative about the vote and ripping those who I thought would easily mark the “no” circle.

This vote helps continue to put this city in the right direction for growth and expansion. I was very happy to see our Mayor, Don Ness, publicly support the two levies and excited for the new members of the School Board and City Council elected. I believe we will now see improvement to our schools over the next five years.

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Eddie Bashaw

Living in Duluth, Minnesota and I love writing about it.