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It is that time of year again when the Nation goes online and prints out an NCAA bracket and participates in some sort of pool. This tournament is so popular you can find just about any online contest to participate in if you want. Oh by the way I did win the bracket contest at my work last year. Some of my coworkers are bitter.

This is one of my favorite times of the year and I just completed my bracket. I love turning on the TV and watching basketball pretty much 24/7. Also this year I can watch the games live on my iPhone with the NCAA March Madness Live App. It is a great app and I would recommend you get it if you love watching the games as much as I do.

If you follow college basketball you know this year there really is no favorite to win the tournament but some teams are on a roll after their conference tournaments.

When filling out my bracket I consider two things, how did they do in their conference tournament and who is the head coach. I know it doesn’t always happen but when a team has momentum going into the tournament it is beneficial. For instance a team like Louisville who just won the Big East was able to secure the number one overall seed. I believe their ability to win their conference tournament will help them more than say a team I love, Duke. Duke is a very good team but was knocked out of their conference tournament early by Maryland. This will be a factor. Both teams are very good with good coaches but I believe Louisville has the edge with their success in their conference tournament. But like in any sporting event besides playing well a team also needs a little bit of luck.

I know you are wondering so here they are, my Final Four teams and the eventual National Champion. My final four teams are Louisville, Ohio State University, Kansas, and Syracuse. Louisville and Kansas will face each other in the National Championship game, and Kansas will come out on top.

There you have it. My prediction for National Champion is Kansas University. I’d love to hear your predictions. Please leave me a comment with your prediction.

Good luck to all!

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