I Love Chipotle

As a life long resident of Duluth, MN there are many things I love about the city. But one thing that really bothers me about Duluth is why Chipotle will not build one of their resturants in Duluth. So wait maybe then my gripe should be with Chipotle?

Every trip I make somewhere that has a Chipotle I stop every time. I always must get my burrito with chips and guacamole. I always brainstorm locations in my head where a Chipotle would be successful.

Here are some reason why Chipotle would be successful in Duluth. First, a majority of the college students at the 3 major colleges (I’d like to include UWS because they are right across the border) come from bigger cities and have already had Chipotle before and are familiar with their food. Second, every person I have introduced to Chipotle who has never had it before, loves it. Third, if Burrito Union can be successful, so can Chipotle. I do like Burrito Union but I love Chipotle more!

I have contacted Chipotle through Twitter many times with limited success on receiving any concrete word if they will be coming to Duluth. I can only hope and pray some day Chipotle will allow a franchise to come to Duluth. Let’s help spread the word, Chipotle could succeed in Duluth!!

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3 thoughts on “I Love Chipotle”

  1. Chipotle is also one of my favorite restaurants to eat at and I live in San Diego where you can also get Real Mexican Food, which I also Love. Yes, there is a difference. Yes, Chipotle is Awesome food. It’s also a healthy food with great approach to business and ecology. If you haven’t eaten there or studied their business ethics, You may not get it right away.

    1. TJ thanks for your thoughts. I have never been to San Diego but hope to someday. I too love how Chipotle does it’s business and chooses to use it’s ingredients. Maybe some day they will come to Duluth.

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