I Got My Ticket

As I enter my third year of blogging I am very excited to attend for the first time the Minnesota Blogger Conference on October 12 at Concordia University. This conference looks super fun, lots of great resources, great speakers and a great time for me to educate myself on how to improve my blog.

How did I get my ticket you may wonder? Well it was pretty simple actually. I started following @MNBlogCon on Twitter and the tickets were given out in waves. @MNBlogCon tweeted a link when the tickets were handed out and all I did was submit my information and I was given a ticket. Did I mention the ticket was FREE?

Blogging has really been so much fun. I have networked with people I would have never imagined and I absolutely can’t wait to meet other bloggers on October 12.

The schedule for the day is jam packed with some great speakers but personally I am excited to listen to some presenters on the subject of, “Bringing out your passion in your blog.” The biggest thing I have learned about blogging is to be patient when building your audience and there is nothing more fun to come across readers who say to me, “Eddie I really enjoy your writing and I look for new stuff each week.” Those comments motivate me and keep me writing.

I must also say I am very excited to meet a fellow blogger I met when I first started. His name is Raun Lauterbach, @Backyard_Life on Twitter, and is the author of Backyardlife.com. He sent me a tweet the other day letting me know he got his ticket as well.

The countdown is on and I can’t wait.

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  1. Have fun, buddy. I especially enjoy your sports blogs because you are a hardcore, life-long Minnesota sports fan. Although I grew up in Chicago, my MN connection began back in ’81 when I began my college career at St. Olaf. Love to here the hope and frustration that comes with being a true sports nut. Keep up the great work, my blogging brother.

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