Harlem Shake. Heard of It?

You Tube can provide a person with hours and hours of entertainment and this week I found the latest thing trending on You Tube. However, it appears I am a bit late in my discovery. The Harlem Shake videos are all over the web and have been viewed by millions prior to my discovery. I must say my wife and I got a good laugh at the Harlem Shake videos on You Tube. How did it take so long for me to see these videos.

I have attached a link that explains what the NPR has found to be the start of what we all now know of as the Harlem Shake.

The video at the beginning of this post was definitely in my top 5. If you have a good one, I’d love to view it. Please attach a link in the comment section or direct me what to search for on You Tube or anywhere else it could be on the web.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I have. I was able to find some videos made in Duluth, Minnesota. They are attached at the end of the post.

Have fun!

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