Happy Thanksgiving

Somehow this post got missed. It is a bit late but one I really enjoyed putting together. Happy New Year!

This year I have much to be thankful for.

My wife & I by our Christmas Tree 2012














My wife and I are expecting our third baby the first week of February. We did it different this time. We found out the sex, girl, and we also have already picked out the name, Nora. Still working on the middle name. I am also thankful for my wife and all her hard work while in nursing school. She is two weeks away from being done and has worked very hard. My wife has been on the Deans list the entire time. Not only is she attending school but working a .6 at St. Lukes Hospital as a Certified Nursing Assistant. We are so ready for her schedule to slow down and only have to worry about a work schedule and not a work and school schedule. Thanks honey for all your hard work for the family.

My beautiful kids 2012














I am thankful every day for my kids as well. They are such a blessing and so fun to have around. Being a dad is really fun and my kids sure keep my life entertaining. I would have never thought being a dad would be so much fun but it is. Thanks Emma & Cooper.

My Dad & Cooper
Christmas 2011















I am thankful for my family. I am so thankful for my parents and two sisters. Whenever I have needed something they all have been just a phone call away. I can’t tell you the amount of times they all have been there to help me through anything and everything. I have made some bonehead decisions in my life but they love and support me no matter what. Thanks Dad, Mom, Jeanne & Dawn.

The Entire Family












I am thankful for a good job with good coworkers. It is very true that coworkers make the job great. My team of coworkers make it enjoyable to go to work everyday. I couldn’t have asked for better people to work with.

It has been an exciting year and I am so excited to see what life will be like a year from now. Hope you all enjoy your Turkey Day.

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