28 NovHappy Thanksgiving

As I get older the more and more I just enjoy being with my family. There seems to be nothing more exciting to me than being with my wife and three kids. Don’t get me wrong being a parent is hard work but my kids are certainly worth every second I can be with them.

Which brings me to Thanksgiving. This past year I have a lot to be thankful for but I am most thankful for this year is my family. It is amazing that 1 year ago my daughter wasn’t even born yet. Now my daughter is 9 months old, crawling all over the place, trying to eat everything, and won’t stop from touching the television. I have truly been blessed with a great family and a very supportive wife of 9 years.

There have been many hurdles in my life, some right now, and of course some to come in the future, but with my family I can get through them all. Because in the end, it isn’t about how many brand new cars you drive, or how much money can I make, or how big of a house can I build, it is about being with those who love and support you.

I couldn’t be more excited to be with my family and enjoy a wonderful turkey dinner, watch some football, and possibly go shopping. Yes I said it, shopping may occur today.

I want to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and how your day is as wonderful as mine will be, even when some try to drag you down.

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