Give Me Your Minnesota Vikings Prediction

Short and sweet and to the point. Here is a game by game prediction of how I think the Vikings will do this year. I’d love to hear from my readers how good you think the Vikings will be. (Packer fans I know you will predict the Vikings go 0-16. I do care about you even though you like the Packers.) I need some encouragement about my squad from some other people besides Paul Allen on KFAN FM 100.3.

Week 1 @ Detroit LOSS 0-1
Week 2 @ Chicago WIN 1-1
Week 3 VS Cleveland WIN 2-1
Week 4 VS Pittsburgh LOSS 2-2
Week 5 VS Carolina WIN 3-2
Week 6 @ Giants LOSS 3-3
Week 7 VS Green Bay WIN 4-3
Week 8 @ Dallas WIN 5-3
Week 9 VS Washington LOSS 5-4
Week 10 @ Seattle LOSS 5-5
Week 11 @ Green Bay LOSS 5-6
Week 12 VS Bears WIN 6-6
Week 13 @ Baltimore WIN 7-6
Week 14 VS Philadelphia LOSS 7-7
Week 15 @ Cincinatti LOSS 7-8
Week 16 VS Detroit WIN 8-8

Bonus question: If the Vikings miss the playoffs does Leslie Frazier keep his job?

I can’t wait to hear from all of you.

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4 thoughts on “Give Me Your Minnesota Vikings Prediction”

  1. 6-10, sadly. Frazier will be back for one more shot in that situation but anything less will probably mean the end for the coach, front office, and qb. The qb draft class will be better than the 2013 crop.

  2. Like Teddy Bridgewater, he throws a really nice ball and has a lot of poise. A 2 win season and a number one pick will be the only way to get him. It’s all about rhythm and Ponder didn’t have it. I hope they turn it around or it will be another ugly season like it was in 2011. Go vikes.

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