I must say summer is finally here or so it appears, and seagulls have made their way back to our lovely city. I do have several problems with the seagulls but I won’t bother you with my complete take on seagulls. I also have a problem with people feeding the seagulls.

Seagulls in my opinion are more of a problem then serving any logical purpose. I have yet to find many residents of Duluth who actually like to feed the seagulls. This isn’t to say Duluth residents don’t feed them but I don’t hang out with too many who do. I guess this may mean I hang out with people who like what I like and that would be logical then why my friends don’t feed seagulls. Anyhow, when I am bringing my family to the Canal Park area or any area by Lake Superior I have taught my children to chase the seagulls and they do enjoy it. I can tell sometimes it irritates others who are feeding the seagulls but I do enjoy seeing my kids happy.

So let me get to the point. I would like to get the word out among those who do not live in the Duluth area. DO NOT FEED THE SEAGULLS. As a person who has to deal with them almost every day, they are annoying, loud, and bothersome. If you come to Duluth I beg you, DO NOT FEED THEM. If you would like to feed some birds please seek out the local ponds located almost all over the city with some nice ducks inhabiting them. Ducks are way better and feeding them I assure you would be much more enjoyable for anyone than it would be to feed a seagull.

Please join me to get the word out to all, DO NOT FEED THE SEAGULLS. Thank you!

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Eddie Bashaw

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5 thoughts on “DON’T FEED THE SEAGULLS”

  1. You have taught your children to chase seagulls? What an awesome way to teach your children to respect all living things!!! I’m sure the people that are watching your children chase them around are probably thinking that they are undisciplined little brats!! You kind of remind me that infamous city councilor we once had here who said “if people would stop feeding the seagulls, they would all leave.” Maybe they are just attracted to the biggest fresh water lake in the world!! Did you ever think about how much garbage the seagulls consume?

  2. re M. Banks…the Lake is certainly the largest freshwater lake…by surface area, but only third in the world by volume…but back to the subject at hand…here in coastal Virginia…seagulls are regarded as ‘rats with wings’, they do nothing except make noise, cover the resort area with filth and are irritating to the tourist population…Maybe the Lake gulls are different? I have seen them unmercifully attack young children carrying food on the beach…so chase away…! Never met a gull I couldn’t really despise. Plenty of other more deserving birds…

  3. Hi Eddie,
    Just so you know, there are no seagulls in Duluth. It’s a common mistake to call them that. We have ring-billed and herring gulls. Next time you’re out, look at their beaks. The ring-bills have a dark ring near the tip of their beaks. Herring gulls do not.

  4. I guess I don’t have strong feelings about gulls. But I do tend to think of them more as Track does as “rats with wings”. The birds I think need to be run off are the stupid winter geese. When I play golf with friends, we always give a free stroke if you nail a goose in the fairway. Mean and nasty buggers.

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