Does Anyone Really Enjoy This Cold Weather?

Last time at this year I was writing about hating snow. To my surprise this post was very popular and if you missed Why Did God Invent Snow, I have attached a link. I’m sure you may all be surprised but I do still hate snow, but since the temperatures in Duluth, Minnesota have been below zero for over a week now, it is about time to address what I would call a very serious issue, COLD WEATHER.

The Duluth area recently received over 30 inches of snow in a period of three days. This snow surprisingly I really didn’t mind. This snow storm was different because I had access to my Dad’s snow blower which kept my spirits up. But since the arrival of all this snow, the temperatures have been almost below zero for about a week now. With the wind chill it is even more freezing. It is so cold that Bentleyville has closed a couple days. I can’t remember this ever happening. It is also so cold the ice is still frozen on the roads and people are still driving all crazy and I see rollovers and fender benders almost daily.

I will never be convinced the four seasons are the best until I live somewhere and only have 1 season for comparison. So in the mean time I will continue to complain about the snow and cold weather that is Duluth, Minnesota.

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  1. It’s my favorite time of year. I think the winter is the most beautiful, peaceful time of year. The cold weather….you can always go back inside and be comfy warm. I believe the seasons we experience are what make us tough and strong. Come on!!

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