Christmas City of the North Parade

I have lived in Duluth for my entire life and attended the Christmas City of the North Parade almost every year. This year I had the opportunity to walk in the parade with my employer Northwood Childrens Services.

I must give a lot of credit to the organizers of the parade because everything about being in the parade was very smooth. We had to get to our parade position on Garfield avenue and someone was there to help us find the right spot. Once in our spot it was a bit of a wait till the start of the parade but nothing too unbearable. The only thing I would change would be our access to a port a potty. I’m really glad I didn’t need to use the bathroom. Once we started walking the route it was fun to go under the “big lights” and get on TV. Then we made our way over the Lake Street bridge to get to Superior Street. Once on Superior Street there were hundreds of people cramming the sidewalks and streets to watch. There were so many people even the sidewalks couldn’t hold them. People were standing and sitting in Superior Street to watch the parade go by. It was super fun to see all the people watching the parade instead of just being a spectator.

Another fun part of the parade for me this year was going on Twitter after the parade to read all the tweets from spectators and participants. Searching the hash tag #Christmascityparade let me read all kinds of tweets and made me laugh and cry. I didn’t really cry. It is really fun in my opinion to read tweets from a wide variety of people. I love Twitter. If you are on Twitter follow me @thebashawblog and I’ll give you a follow back.

As a first time participant I would to thank the organizers of the parade. You did a really good job. I would also like to thank the Duluth Police Department for making me feel safe during the parade. Many officers were patrolling the parade routes on bikes. Thanks for your dedication and hard work to the city of Duluth and its residents.

I’m excited for next year! No matter what anyone says, Duluth is cool!

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