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I always like to share positive and negative experiences I have with local businesses and I just wanted to share my recent experience with UHAUL on Highway 53 by Wal-Mart.

It was a week before I wanted to rent a truck and I used the website to determine how big of a truck I wanted. I tried to use the online reservation but no trucks were available for the dates I wanted so I called the store. I spoke with a gentleman who confirmed with me no trucks were available for the weekend except if I wanted to have the truck from 7AM to 1PM on Saturday morning. That was not enough time so I asked if any trucks were available on Monday? There was a truck available and I made my reservation. To my surprise on the Saturday I received a call from UHAUL asking why I had not come to get my truck? Apparently I had a reservation for a truck from 7AM to 1PM. I explained I did not make that reservation but I was coming on Monday to get a truck. The gentleman said, you don’t have a reservation for Monday, but we could make one if you still needed a truck. I did and so I made another reservation. Thinking everything was now set on Monday morning I arrived at the UHAUL store to get my truck. To my surprise I did not have a reservation and there were no 26′ trucks available that day. I was very frustrated. Luckily there was one 20′ truck left I could rent. Of course I rented it but I paid the same price for a 20′ truck as I would have if I got my 26′ truck I wanted originally.

If you are going to do business with UHAUL three recommendations.

1. Get email confirmation of your reservation.
2. Get a confirmation number.
3. Maybe make a follow up call to make sure the reservation actually happened.

If not you may not have a truck when you arrive.

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  1. Mr. Bashaw, my name is Maria Palmisano and I am with U-Haul International. I want to offer you my personal apology for the inconvenience you experienced with your U-Haul reservation. Please allow me the opportunity to research your concerns further to offer a proper response and prevent the situation from happening again. We value customer feedback as it allows us to realize what programs are working and what areas need attention. Please provide me with the name of the lessee listed on your contract if different than yours along with the date of your rental and the address of the U-Haul location you rented from. You can send the information to me at Thank you and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

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