Business Review: Need a Roof?

I recently needed a new rubber roof over my master bedroom. Like any good researcher and bargain shopper I went online to search reviews about what local company would be my best bet. To my surprise I could not find very many reviews for local roofing companies. I did use the usual business review sites but was not satisfied. After several calls I decided to go with Empire Roofing.

I think it is always important in any situation when you are paying a company a significant amount of money for a service you let others know how your experience was.

In this case my experience was with Empire Roofing. It was an outstanding experience and I would definitely recommend them. Let me share with you a little bit of my story and why it was an excellent experience.

I got a hold of Luke at Empire Roofing and after a brief conversation he asked if he could come over right away to look at my roof. It was 8PM at night. I was very surprised but happy to accommodate. After inspecting the roof, Luke explained in detail what repairs needed to be made and how they would be making them. Luke also explained about pricing for cost of materials, labor, and disposal of materials after the job was completed. Luke was excellent to work with and very friendly.

After a price was agreed upon Luke explained the work would be started as soon as possible. Within one week Luke had someone working on the job and the work was done in a day. I couldn’t have asked for better work and better service. Luke was easy to work with and very professional.

If you are in need of a new roof or roof repairs, I would recommend and use Empire Roofing again.

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Eddie Bashaw

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