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As school board elections are quickly approaching, I read that one of the major topics people keep bringing up is the sale of Central High School. More specifically people keep saying the building should be sold to another school with mentions of Edison or Lakeview Christian Academy.

I have no doubt that Edison and Lakeview Christian Academy are good schools, but I completely agree with the school boards policy not to sell the building to those private schools.

In my mind it has nothing to do with being afraid to lose students. (This town isn’t going to grow it’s young families without better jobs anyway.) If people like Lakeview and Edison it won’t matter what building they educate the kids in, and if those families want a better building then by all means build one. I don’t know the numbers but from people I have talked to the number of students at Edison and Lakeview is increasing anyway. In my mind it has to do with the simple fact that any business or service isn’t going to sell to a competitor. I have no problem with this policy but I seem to be in the minority.

Here is the only situation I would ever approve of for the sale of Duluth Central to any competitor. The school is sold for 3 or 4 times more than what it is worth. This way the school district would make back some serious money and the surplus of money would benefit the students. I mean this community is already voting down every opportunity it can to give the students more opportunities and we need more money for our children to come from somewhere. Don’t we?

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Eddie Bashaw

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