It’s Time for a Bloggers Duel

A picture of me.

I had the opportunity to discuss with a good friend of mine at work today about my attendance at the Minnesota Blogger Conference this past weekend. (Here’s a link to my post in case you missed it) He just started his blog and it was fun to discuss things I learned from the conference. I then shared how I was going to change my blog to make it better. We interacted about his most recent post and continued our small talk for quite some time. It was fun and we also talked about if we knew of many bloggers from the Duluth, MN area. He shared about his recent attendance at the Social Media breakfasts hosted in Duluth and other cool blog topics.

The story doesn’t stop there. To my surprise while checking my Facebook page I was challenged to a bloggers duel by friend. It reads a little something like this, “You are hereby challenged to a blog duel. Most new followers between now and Thanksgiving wins! Loser get to ‘Blog Roast’ the other.” I love some friendly competition and so let this be my formal acceptance speech. “Luke I hereby accept your blog duel challenge. You better bring your A game. It is on!”

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To be fair I will link to my friends blog. His name is Luke Miller and his blog is called, “Aventyrnorr”

Let’s get the word spreading and maybe we can even get this duel trending. Let’s call it #blogduel I do think I have a slight advantage because I have two blogs this post will appear on both my blogs. Let the contest begin. Good luck Luke.

I tried very hard to find a picture of my friend Luke Miller but was unsuccessful. C’mon Luke get some pictures online!

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