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22 JunMemo to Youth & AAU Basketball Coaches: Defense

I just spent an entire Saturday reffing AAU Basketball games. It was 8 games in all and as a former High School Basketball Coach turned official I have to post some observations over the course of the next couple of days. First and foremost I must write about the defense I see or lack there of. I don’t know what coaches are doing with their practice time but it certainly isn’t teaching help defense. So here are the top three things summer and youth coaches should start teaching their players about help defense.

Number 1: Using your arms, reaching in, and hacking someone is NOT defense. The teams I see now days at all levels don’t move their feet to stay in front of their player. Players seem to be lazy and just want to hold, hack and reach in to stop their player. It’s a foul every time and players just complain when I make the call. Coaches should start teaching players how to move their feet to stay in front of their players.

Number 2: What ever happened to players trying to take the charge? In the eight games I reffed I didn’t see one player try to take the charge. It’s one of the best help defensive moves you can make and coaches just don’t seem to know how to teach it. Players don’t want to take the contact and would rather let their opponent score. Coaches if you are teaching help defense let’s start getting these kids to know how to take a charge.

Number 3: Help Defense. I don’t think some coaches know what this is because again most kids when they try to help, reach in, hold and block their opponent when they aren’t in the right position. Players could also take a charge if they were in proper help position. Too many teams want to play zone defense (which is lazy) or the coach doesn’t know how to coach it.

And as an official, we get yelled at for calling fouls for reaching in, blocking and holding. It makes no sense to me. Coaches start utilizing practice time to teach proper help defense and your players will stay out of foul trouble.

22 AprWho Doesn’t Wanna Know Their Golf Handicap?


Funny how the internet can bring everyone together in some way. I had the pleasure of emailing and speaking to Graham Gibbs on the phone about his company Golf Pipeline. Golf Pipeline provides golfers with a handicap tracking service, search local courses, read reviews on those courses, find other golfers in the area, and join a USGA club in your area.

Graham is very friendly individual who helped me get all set up on Golf Pipeline. I will be using this site as my handicap index this year. I have used other sites in the past but I find Golf Pipeline to be even more user friendly than others in the past and more affordable.

Golf Pipeline has provided a unique promo code that would give golfers in this area a 50% discount to the 1 Year handicap price of $18.00. A USGA handicap through the Minnesota Golf Association costs $40/year, so golfers would save $31.00 the first year and $22.00 every year thereafter. Just go to and here is the unique promo code for golfers to use to get 50% off the first 1-Year USGA handicap: GP50%OFF2015

I recommend using Golf Pipeline and if you create an account be sure to look me up.


31 MarThe Loss of a Parent

I am in need of a book that will help with some loss and grief. Any good suggestions? Please leave them in the comments. Thanks for your help.

04 MarDuluth Needs A Friday Football Feast

Had a fun time watching the Powertrip Morning show at Grandmas Sports Garden

Had a fun time watching the Powertrip Morning show at Grandmas Sports Garden










I absolutely love listening to KFAN FM 100.3 out of Minneapolis and was a loyal listener here in Duluth on AM 1490. As of Monday I can now listen to KFAN on FM 92.1. I was super excited for the news and hearing the KFAN crew in FM is one of the best parts of my day.

To kick off KFAN in FM the KFAN Powertrip morning show with Cory Cove, Chris Hawkey, Meatsauce Paul Lambert, and Ben Lieber all madethe trek up north to broadcast live from Grandmas Sports Garden. When I arrived at 7:30 AM the place was packed. This clearly shows the popularity of KFAN in this market.

With the clear popularity of KFAN up north I now want and beg for a Friday Football Feast at Buffalo Wild Wings in Duluth next football season. Paul Allen and Paul Charchian need to be here.

I implore all the loyal KFAN listeners in the Duluth area to email, tweet and Facebook message Paul Allen, Paul Charchian and anyone else you think could make this a reality.

Let’s get KFAN Nine to Noon Production with Paul Allen to Duluth!!!

26 FebGovernor Dayton Really?

The Shannon Miller situation has made its way down to St. Paul and on the Governors desk. He spent some time and recruited some other Democrats to draft a letter to the Chancellor at UMD demanding further explanation as to why her contract is not being renewed.

To steal a bit from Saturday Night Live, Really Governor Dayton? With all the troubles facing this state and all the budget problems and all the issues with public education you decide to stick your nose into this situation? Really? How many other female coaches who lost their job in this state did you draft a letter for? Why don’t you figure out some ways to not cut State funding for the city of Duluth instead, just a thought.

Her contract is not being renewed, that’s it. It is allowed despite what others may think. It happens all the time with those people who work under contract. And again I ask, why do people think she should make as much money as the Men’s hockey coach? Please give me some reasons!

25 FebSee You Later AP


I think the time has come to say fare well to Adrian Peterson. As a loyal Vikings fan he has made it pretty clear he does not want to come back to the Vikings and I say don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

This whole situation stems from his own actions and the Vikings paid pretty much his whole salary last season for playing 1 game, the organization tried to put him back on the field which fueled controversy, and now he wants to say the Vikings were not loyal. That is a bunch of crap.

Through this whole process AP has proved to the public he is clearly NOT a very smart man and he doesn’t demonstrate good morals in my opinion. He is not worth the headache and he certainly is not worth 13 million dollars next year. The Vikings need to get rid of him and start fresh and use that money in other ways to improve this team for next season.

Good bye AP and I am not sad to say that.

04 JanReaction to Coach Shannon Miller Situation

I had some time to think. I had some time to ponder and now since I have calmed down I would like to share my reaction to the Shannon Miller situation.

First, I really appreciated a blog post by Bruce Ciskie from December 18, 2014 in which he did some research on the record of the UMD Women’s Hockey team against the elite programs over the past 4 years. I have attached a link to this blog post. His post and the programs lack of success is indeed a good reason for not renewing a contract.

Second, as a life long Duluth resident and follower of UMD athletics, I have seen much loyalty of the university to it’s coaches over my lifetime. Example, Dale Race, Gary Holquist, Jim Malosky, Scott Hanna, Mike Sertich, Greg Cane, and Jim Boos. You could even include Coach Miller on this list. My point being despite the success or lack of success of a specific team, the university has not had many coaching changes over the past couple decades because of firings or not renewing contracts. Even though we haven’t heard very much about it and probably never will, is Coach Miller getting along with the administration or her colleagues? I would suggest by the actions of the university in this case probably not. If you don’t get the approval of your bosses, you probably will be heading out the door. And is Coach Miller even spending time at the university in the first place? Can we ever find Coach Miller in her office?

Last, what kind of salary will Coach Miller accept? I know she said she would and waited to have discussions about a pay cut which never happened, but why not be more open about it? Please also explain why you think you deserve a salary like Scott Sandelin? Your success in the last four years is not very good. There is no way in my mind Coach Miller should have the highest paid salary in the nation. And also please explain what you mean when you reference Title IX in regards to salary. In my mind there is no correlation between male and female coaches salaries and Title IX. But it all boils down to what you will accept Coach Miller which I am sure you will never share. If your bosses don’t want to meet with you that should say something.

I can’t wait to see how this unfolds and see if Coach Miller will be more specific or keep making broad general statements.

29 NovWe Should Shop on Black Friday

With Thanksgiving in the rear view mirror the big talk was thoughts about shopping on Thanksgiving. I heard people say things like, it takes away from the reason of the holiday. I love it and get super excited to shop every year. I skip all the lines and do all my shopping online.

Is shopping on Thanksgiving a good thing for everyone? Even though I like it, my better judgement says no. Here’s why. Thanksgiving is a time for people to be with others they care about whether it be family or friends. It is a time to just relax for the day and reflect on what you have to be thankful for, because even the pessimists out there still have something to be thankful for. Retail businesses that open obviously force their employees to have an interrupted holiday to make a buck.

I mean can’t those businesses make all the sales the day after Thanksgiving like just a few years back? I really appreciate those businesses who close their doors on Thanksgiving giving their employees the day off.

I know now that we have Thanksgiving shopping the chances this will go away are slim to none but in my mind, stores opening on Thanksgiving for shopping just doesn’t seem right.

27 NovHappy Thanksgiving






I want to wish you all a very special Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday. I love getting together with family, having lots of food, and keeping up with family traditions. Every day after Thanksgiving we bake Christmas cookies with my Mom and sample em as we go. It is really fun to bake and every year we bake all the same cookies and sometimes try a new recipe.

Our Thanksgiving menu includes turkey, mashed potatoes, my sister Jeanne’s vegetable salad, 7 layer jello (I made it this year), corn, gravy, stuffing, sweet potatoes (for my Dad), and rolls. For dessert my sister Jeanne brings pie of some sort but 1 pumpkin of course.

We watch some football, eat, and have lots of family time. It’s a great day.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

26 NovSubstitute What?

Check out how this customer wanted to order and wanted it put in their very own to go boxes.











There can be many times when you are on the job and you wonder, “What the heck are these people thinking?” This is a common thought in the restaurant industry in which I am very familiar.

Here’s why.

Despite the menu people have some crazy ideas as to how they can change the menu to get things to suit their fancy. Here is a list of some of my restaurant pet peeves.

1. Crazy substitutions, people think despite whatever the item has listed they could add whatever else they want that maybe in the entire restaurant to change the item completely.

2. Changing the To-Go Boxes. Restaurants do supply the to go box and when customers think they can have the item wrapped up to go however they want. How about you take the to go box or just not take your item at all.

3. Ordering Dinner at Lunch. Some restaurants have a lunch and dinner menu. Here’s a shocker, people try to order dinner items at lunch. NO people it’s lunch time. You can choose items on the lunch menu. If you want dinner come back at dinner time.

Thanks all for letting me getting my vent on.

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